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Can I get a new car after filing for bankruptcy?

One of the main reasons that people in Texas often choose to avoid filing for bankruptcy even if it is their best logical decision to get out of debt is due to the fear that they will never again be able to regain credit and make necessary purchases. One such purchase is if they need to buy a new car. Understanding the different types of bankruptcy options such as Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, as well as how it affects a person's financial standing are important when moving forward after the moves to eliminate debt have been completed. This is key when seeking to make a relatively large purchase such as a car.

Understanding what leads to filing for bankruptcy

For those in Texas who have medical expenses, mounting credit card debt or other bills they are unable to pay, the fear and concern can be overwhelming. They might believe they have nowhere to turn and nothing they can do to get themselves out of their situation. However, it is important to know that the bankruptcy laws are in place just so those who are having financial problems can have a way out and get into a better position to move on with their lives. Financial woes do not discriminate and they can happen to anyone. For most people it is not a sign of irresponsibility to consider filing for bankruptcy.

Understanding the negatives of filing for bankruptcy

For Texans who are having financial challenges, bankruptcy might seem like an opportunity to get their situation straightened out and get back on stronger ground. In many cases, it is. However, it is imperative to bear in mind that there are also negative aspects to any bankruptcy filing, and understanding them before taking a certain course of action is wise.

What debts cannot be eliminated in personal bankruptcy?

While personal bankruptcy is viewed as a viable option for Texas residents who have been negatively affected by the struggling economy, are facing mounting bills and need debt relief to get back on stronger footing, it is not the panacea that some might be mistaken in believing it is. Thinking that a simple bankruptcy filing will eliminate debt completely is a mistake and it can result in people misunderstanding what is possible and compounding the initial issues that got them into financial trouble in the first place. Knowing which debts can be eliminated is step one before moving forward.

Married couples and filing for bankruptcy

An area of confusion for married Tyler residents who are considering filing for bankruptcy is how the bankruptcy might affect their spouse. Often, financial challenges and unexpected life changes can engulf a marriage and affect both spouses. However, there might be certain properties and assets that were kept separate during the marriage. Knowing how this influences a bankruptcy is key before going forward.

Couple unable to convert Chapter 7 bankruptcy

When considering filing for bankruptcy in Texas, the options available to individual consumers can lead to a great deal of confusion. For some, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is preferable. For others, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is right for them. When piling the different possibilities on top of the financial challenges that led to the bankruptcy consideration, a person might begin to feel overwhelmed. For those who are confronted with a troublesome financial situation, having a grasp on the differences can be achieved with legal help.

Refusal to grant discharge when filing for bankruptcy, Part II

Texans are not immune to unexpected life changes and the need for debt relief. Filing for bankruptcy is a method with which financial challenges can be mitigated and a person can get back into a better position to move forward. There is the possibility that there will be a refusal by the court to grant a discharge. Part I discussed some of the circumstances in which a discharge might be refused. This post will discuss the remaining reasons under the law.

Refusal to grant discharge when filing for bankruptcy, Part I

There are many reasons why a Texan might choose to consider filing for bankruptcy. Financial challenges and the need for debt relief can hit anyone at any time for a variety of reasons. It is important to remember that the law does not automatically grant a bankruptcy discharge. Understanding this reality can help people seeking to eliminate debt by avoiding mistakes that are made leading to the court issuing a denial on a granting of the discharge.

Financial challenges can arise for numerous reasons

There's often a perception that personal bankruptcy or other forms of bankruptcy available in Texas stem from an absence of proper planning and a lack of responsibility. The idea that people who are facing financial challenges through their own mistakes is valid in certain cases. However, financial challenges can arise without warning for a wide range of reasons.

How filing for bankruptcy affects a credit score

A Texan who has accrued enough debt that filing for bankruptcy is a viable and necessary option need not be ashamed of what the person is going through. Bankruptcy is a useful tool to assist with debt relief when unexpected issues -- both personally and professionally -- arise. That, however, does not diminish how a bankruptcy proceeding can have certain negative influences to a person's life. One particular issue that frequently arises is the decline of a credit score.

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