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Filing for bankruptcy in Texas can stop creditor harassment

Sometimes a person in Texas has no choice but to go into debt. Company-wide layoffs, a serious illness or an unexpected and costly home repair or car repair could all put a person in a difficult financial situation. Sometimes a person is forced to make tough choices. Should they pay the car bill this month if it means they wouldn't be able to buy groceries? Should they use a credit card to pay the electric bill? These are difficult decisions to make and, unfortunately, the debts associated with having to make such choices can spiral down to the point where not only can a person not catch up on their debts, but they can't even afford their basic living expenses.

Federal law protects debtors from harassment, misrepresentations

Even the most financially responsible people in Texas may someday face an unexpected financial calamity that causes them to be unable to pay their bills. Being unable to pay your bills can be incredibly stressful, especially once the calls from debt collectors start coming in. However, there are limits to what debt collectors are allowed to do.

What creditors can do to debtors facing debts

Millions of Americans throughout the country, including many from Tyler, Texas, and the surrounding area, finding themselves in debt and suffering from financial difficulties. Regardless of the reasoning, whether it was a lost job, a serious injury or illness, or simply poor decision-making or excessive spending, if you are suffering from financial turmoil and are being hounded by debt collectors, life can be stressful. It is important to recognize, however, that creditors, in an effort to get debtors to pay back what they owe, are still entitled to certain rights.

Legal help can stop the repossession of certain property

Texans who are having financial problems are often concerned about the prospect of creditors repossessing certain properties. Various items can be taken as part of the collection process and those who are thinking that they have nowhere to turn should be aware of how a bankruptcy proceeding can help them. For example, a car could be vital to a person's daily life and there is a concern that it could be repossessed. Filing for bankruptcy can put a stop to this.

What are creditors' rights with debtors' location information?

When confronted with overwhelming consumer debt, Texans might be under the impression that the creditors have a right to do whatever they feel is necessary to try and collect that debt. It is this that leads to intense fear and consternation as they try to figure a way out of what they are facing. However, there are certain instances in which the creditor will use certain tactics that are against the law. Debtors are accorded various protections and they must be aware of them. One issue that should be understood is the acquisition of location information from another party.

Misrepresentations under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

When you owe a debt to a creditor, that creditor has certain rights when it comes to collecting. However, those rights are not as far-reaching as some creditors would choose to believe. In fact, many creditors overstep their legal rights, resulting in harassment and unfair collection techniques. This is why the federal government stepped in and implemented the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This law spells out what creditors can and can't do, and its goal is to protect indebted consumers.

Facing creditor harassment? Our Texas firm may be able to stop it

Are you struggling to pay your bills? If so, you're in good company. Millions of Americans who have been forced to take on unwanted debt, or have found their income slashed, find themselves over-extended and scrambling to find ways to stay financially afloat. As if this isn't stressful enough, you might also find yourself being harassed by your creditors, which can leave you feeling belittled and obligated to do everything imaginable to make your payments.

The law can protect you from debt collection communication

If you've ever found yourself in overwhelming debt, you probably know how aggressive creditors can be in their attempts to recoup their payments. Oftentimes when debt goes unpaid, it is turned over to collection agencies. These companies can go too far when trying to collect debt, to the point that it becomes harassment. Fortunately, the federal government enacted the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which seeks to stop creditor harassment and protect debt-ridden consumers from unduly burdensome debt collection practices.

Creditors' right to file involuntary bankruptcy

It doesn't take a genius to recognize that debt can create stress. While some debts are necessary and can be handled with ease, some Texans find themselves facing insurmountable debt. The reasons can vary greatly, from unexpected medical expenses, a lost job or if an individual suddenly has to care for an aging relative. Regardless of the reasons, when overwhelming debt takes hold, Texans can find their financial well-being crushed, and they may despair for their financial future.

Can I tell a collection agency to stop calling me?

Texas residents who are experiencing financial problems will frequently resist taking action for fear of how the creditor will respond. Collection tactics used by creditors and collection agencies are the foundation for consternation and fear on the part of the debtor. Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken, such as a bankruptcy proceeding. However, there are times when the collection agencies will continue making contact with the debtor. Knowing the law and a debtor's rights to tell them to stop making contact is an important part of the process.

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