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Posts tagged "Creditors' Rights"

A review of Texas exemptions from creditors' claims

Like other states, Texas law allows debtors to claim exemptions that allow them to protect their property from creditors' claims. While these are most commonly used in the bankruptcy process, debtors can legally claim them whenever facing the danger of a creditor seizing their property to satisfy an overdue debt.

Can you stop wage garnishment for credit card debt?

Paying bills is a part of adulthood. One has to pay for housing, food, utilities, and goods. While many are able to live within their means, when circumstances in life unexpectedly change doing so can prove to be difficult. These situations can lead to an overreliance on credit cards. While dealing with credit card debt can be manageable, missed payments can create major financial troubles. This could lead to creditor's coming after you, even intercepting your wages.

Stopping creditors during bankruptcy process

Financial problems are fairly common in Texas. While some individuals are able to overcome these challenges with slight changes to their spending, others must seek out other debt relief options like bankruptcy. Bankruptcy may be an especially appealing option for those facing constant harassment from their creditors. Filing for bankruptcy can help an individual escape burdensome debt while also stopping creditors from engaging in harassing behaviors.

Medical debt can be subject of aggressive debt collection tactics

Medical debt is one of the biggest driving forces behind bankruptcy filings. Sadly, many people who seek out healthcare don't know the true expense they face given that medical costs and insurance policies are often cloaked in secrecy. Very rarely can an individual obtain an accurate estimate of his or her medical expenses before they are incurred. This often means that while people may be doing what is best for their health, they may be wreaking havoc on their financial future.

Rely on the FDCPA to stop creditor harassment

Far too many Texans are overwhelmed with debt. Regardless of how they ended up in that position, they don't deserve to be subjected to seemingly endless creditor harassment. Yet, despite valiant efforts by state and federal regulators, many of these debtors are subjected to annoying, and sometimes frightening debt collection practices. This is why those who are struggling with their debt may want to ensure that they are familiar with the protections afforded by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Doing so may end creditor harassment.

New law to protect debtors from some debt collection practices

It can be scary to face debt collectors. Creditor harassment is real, and it often leaves Texans on the edge of their seat frightened for their financial future. These debt collection practices may involve threats, late night phone calls and even personal visits that are intimidating in nature. The whole debt collection process can be embarrassing, too, especially when others find out about it and an individual continues to struggle to make payments.

The writ of garnishment and bankruptcy

Falling behind on debt payments can lead to a cascade of unwanted actions being taken against you. To start, creditors may harass you in an attempt to recoup the debt. Although there are certain laws placing limits on how far these creditors can go in their attempts to collect payment, they often overstep. If that harassment isn't enough, you may also find yourself subject to garnishment, which can really turn your financial well-being upside down.

Debt collectors seek to legally use texting and emailing

Creditors can be overzealous in their debt collection practices. Fortunately for consumers, state and federal laws, such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, regulate many of these creditors' aggressive tactics. Yet, creditors often overstep their bounds, leading to harassment. Unfortunately, the debt collection industry is looking to increase its access to consumers by pushing for laws that allow for text and email communications.

Talk to an attorney to stop creditor harassment

Many Texas residents are struggling financially to make ends meet, and, as a result, they may not be able to make their credit card payments every month. Once you fall behind on your payments, it can be difficult to catch up. Meanwhile, you may have creditors bombarding you with phone calls, letters and e-mails. Creditor harassment is against the law, but that doesn't stop many creditors from going to extremes to get their money.

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