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Can you stop wage garnishment for credit card debt?

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2019 | Creditors' Rights |

Paying bills is a part of adulthood. One has to pay for housing, food, utilities, and goods. While many are able to live within their means, when circumstances in life unexpectedly change doing so can prove to be difficult. These situations can lead to an overreliance on credit cards. While dealing with credit card debt can be manageable, missed payments can create major financial troubles. This could lead to creditor’s coming after you, even intercepting your wages.

Can you stop wage garnishment for credit card debt? The answer depends on the circumstances at hand and the decisions an individual chooses to make. If it isn’t already stressful enough to have growing credit card debt, having one’s wages garnished for this debt can be especially taxing. Garnishments can occur in one of two ways. It can come directly from a person’s wages or it can be seized from the individual’s personal bank account.

In order for wage garnishment to occur, a creditor will typically have to sue the debtor in court. The ability to stop the wage garnishment process is dependent on where one is in the garnishment process. If it is early on in the process, then it may be possible to fight it. However, if this is not the case or if this is unsuccessful, an individual might want to try to settle the debt with the creditor.

If wage garnishment has begun and settling the debt is not possible, filing for bankruptcy is an option. This process will stop the garnishments. Filing for bankruptcy is a major decision, though, so it shouldn’t be made lightly. Thus, bankruptcy should only be sought with full information in mind.

Stopping wage garnishment is only one reason for taking steps to resolve debt problems. Filing for bankruptcy can be a scary step to take, but it can be a necessary and beneficial step when it comes to getting out of financial trouble. Those unsure about this process or what it entails should take the time to explore this option, understanding how it could be a beneficial process.