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Who would benefit from a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing?

Dealing with debt is not easy. Yet, everyday millions of Americans, many of them right here in Texas, have to cope with burdensome financial circumstances. When debt becomes overwhelming, these financial burdens can make it difficult to live one's life. Debt can have a significant impact on businesses, too. It can be extremely challenging for a business to keep running when debt gets to be too much to handle. This is where a Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition may prove beneficial.

Stopping creditors during bankruptcy process

Financial problems are fairly common in Texas. While some individuals are able to overcome these challenges with slight changes to their spending, others must seek out other debt relief options like bankruptcy. Bankruptcy may be an especially appealing option for those facing constant harassment from their creditors. Filing for bankruptcy can help an individual escape burdensome debt while also stopping creditors from engaging in harassing behaviors.

Guiding you through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing

Dealing with financial problems is anything but easy for Texas residents to confront. However, doing so is often necessary for those seeking to eliminate their debt and obtain a fresh financial start. Bankruptcy can offer a real solution for those dealing with major debt problems, but not all bankruptcy filings are the same. Based on a person's current situation and future goals, one type of bankruptcy may be more beneficial than others. Additionally, a debtor may only qualify for one type of bankruptcy filing.

Credit card debt can get worse after job loss

From a relatively young age, you may have known what career path you wanted to take. You may have gone to the Texas college of your dreams to earn a quality education and later applied for a position that you thought would help you reach your career goals. After you got the job, you may have felt that everything was looking up.

Debt-related anxiety affects nearly half of Americans

If you're stressed out about debt, you're not alone. In fact, a recent study found that 45% of Americans report feeling anxious about debt at least once a month. Another 20% of those individuals feel physically sick at least once a month thanks to debt fears. This anxiety can be crippling, affecting nearly every aspect of an individual's life.

Millenials are sliding deeper into debt

Financial difficulties can strike people of any age and socio-economic class. Although many individuals later in life find themselves with money troubles after suffering the loss of a job or the onset of an unexpected illness, even young adults can find themselves falling into deeper and deeper holes of debt. When this happens, indebted individuals may struggle to see a way out and secure the financial freedom they need and deserve.

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