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Is your credit card use causing more harm than you realize?

| Aug 15, 2019 | Uncategorized |

It may seem as if everyone these days has at least one credit card. Though many people use these cards for various reasons, they can have their pros and cons. For some Texas residents, using a credit card may help them make an important purchase while allowing them to pay it off over time, and for other individuals, having a credit card may only result in their spending getting out of hand.

If you land in the latter category of credit card users, you could quickly find yourself in financial trouble. Of course, at first, you may not think that your money problems are causing any real issue, but you could end up not being able to make your monthly payments and facing creditor calls.

Is your credit card use helping or hurting?

Not everyone is good with money. Unfortunately, many people may deny this fact about themselves until they wind up in a difficult financial position. If you are concerned about your financial responsibility, you may want to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you an impulse shopper? Though treating yourself to something nice now and then is not necessarily the sign of someone bad with money, you could face financial issues if you purchase nearly everything that catches your eye.
  • Are you making your monthly payments on time? If you miss your bills’ due dates more often than not, you may want to avoid adding credit card use as another payment to make. If you miss your payment on credit cards, you could face penalties.
  • Do you have a budget? If you do not have a budget or even know where most of your money goes, you may overspend more than you realize. This lack of planning could result in credit card use also getting out of hand before you realize it.
  • Do you already have outstanding balances? In addition to your rent or mortgage and utility bills, if you also have other debts you are trying to keep up with, adding a credit card may not be your best option.

It is easy for credit card balances to escalate, especially if you already have other financial obligations with which you are struggling. Unfortunately, your situation could reach a point where you feel as if you will never get out from under your debts. Luckily, you could look into debt relief options like bankruptcy in order to determine whether taking such a step could suit your circumstances.