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Common Concerns & Questions About Bankruptcy

Facing garnishment, lawsuits? Bankruptcy may be able to help.

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2018 | Blog |

During the day, you may have the ability to keep your financial worries somewhat at bay by concentrating on other tasks. However, when the time comes to get in bed for the night, those thoughts that stayed at the edge of your mind all day may come flooding forward. How will you make your next credit card payment? When will the next creditor call? What can you do about your garnished wages?

These concerns affect numerous people who must contend with overwhelming debt. No matter what led to your debt, you do have options for effectively addressing those liabilities. In particular, bankruptcy may act as a significant step toward a fresh financial start. However, you may wonder whether taking this action really suits your circumstances.

Has action been taken against you?

When you face overwhelming debt, you may also face letters and calls from creditors every day. Over time, you may have become adept at avoiding these attempts at contact or requested a stop to such actions. However, more significant actions may have been taken against you with which bankruptcy may be able to help. Two actions that may make you consider this debt relief option more seriously include:

  • Wage garnishment: If creditors are directly garnishing wages from your paychecks in attempts to pay your outstanding balances, you already face serious financial trouble. You may need every penny you earn to make ends meet as it is, and when you cannot hold on to your wages, bankruptcy may be able to help stop garnishments.
  • Lawsuits: When creditors feel that they cannot effectively get you to pay your balances on their own, they may sue you for payment. Lawsuits are serious matters that could cause you to face even more financial strife while also facing orders to pay your liabilities. Fortunately, bankruptcy could help stop judgments in such cases.

Because these actions can have serious outcomes, taking steps to stop them may help you in the long run.

Can you attempt other debt relief methods?

If you are not yet facing wage garnishments or lawsuits, you may wonder whether you could first attempt other actions before bankruptcy. Certainly, creditor negotiation and credit counseling could act as possible avenues to try. Of course, not all creditors feel willing to negotiate, and you may still need to address your full balances. Additionally, you may want to remain wary of services which claim they can reduce your debt or help you become debt free as many of these claims turn into scams that cost unsuspecting individuals more money.

Though it can be frightening to consider such a major action, exploring your bankruptcy options further may help you get your financial affairs in order and bring back your restful sleep.