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Facing garnishment, lawsuits? Bankruptcy may be able to help.

During the day, you may have the ability to keep your financial worries somewhat at bay by concentrating on other tasks. However, when the time comes to get in bed for the night, those thoughts that stayed at the edge of your mind all day may come flooding forward. How will you make your next credit card payment? When will the next creditor call? What can you do about your garnished wages?

How do debt relief companies, credit counselors work? (Part 2)

We'll pick up this week where we left off from our discussion of debt relief companies and credit counseling services. Tyler residents searching for debt relief options are likely to encounter these two types of entities, and it's important to understand the difference between the two as well as their limitations.

How do debt relief companies, credit counselors work? (Part 1)

Tyler residents burdened with debt and seeking some debt relief have a number of options. Credit counseling (usually offered by a non-profit organization) is one common option; another is debt settlement through a private company. The two are similar, which may leave consumers wondering: just what is the difference between debt settlement and credit counseling services?

Have you been sued by a creditor over your consumer debt?

The professionals at the Law Office of Gordon Mosley have decades of experience protecting the legal rights of Tyler residents struggling with consumer debt. During this time we have seen all manner of collection techniques, among the most concerning of which can be creditor lawsuits.

Chapter 11 filings in Texas up over 40 percent in 2017

Like many cities in Texas, Tyler has a proud history of entrepreneurship and small business development. While that environment always comes with its ups and down, business owners can be forgiven if it felt like 2017 packed a harder punch than usual.

Seeking debt relief does not make you a bad person

No matter what you do, you just can't seem to get your head above water financially. In the last little while you've experienced loss of income, or you've had unexpected emergency expenses that you had to put on credit cards, or you or a loved one may have suffered a serious medical event, costing your family a small fortune. Maybe it was a combination of these or other hardships. Now you need help, but feel you are a bad person for seeking debt relief.

Interested in eliminating debt from medical expenses?

We've spent some time over the past few weeks on our Tyler bankruptcy law blog discussing medical expenses, including the unexpected kind from out-of-network providers that many people fear even more than a serious illness itself. Even Tyler residents who understand that filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can eliminate debt like this may resist out of a fear of the unknown, or a fear of how bankruptcy will change their lives.

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