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Helping clients understand the limits of their creditors’ rights

| Dec 15, 2017 | Creditors' Rights |

Sometimes, Tyler residents struggling financially reach a point where it feels like they have no control. The tactics that creditors use against you feel invasive, demoralizing and infuriating and it seems they can get away with just about anything they want.

Take the example of bank account seizures. You may be working long hours at multiple jobs to try to pay your bills, to try to play by the rules. But suddenly, the money that you scrape together to put into your bank account is being taken right back out by someone else: your creditors.

It’s crucial to note that there may be strategies you can use to protect yourself, depending on the reason for the account seizure. The professionals at the Law Office of Gordon Mosley have helped clients facing bank account seizures explore their options under the law. We can help you understand your creditors’ rights and fight back when they act unethically or illegally. For example, the only reasons your wages can be garnished in Texas are for student loans, child support and taxes or other IRS issues.

Even when creditors can legally act to garnish your wages or seize your accounts, filing for bankruptcy activates something called the automatic stay. The automatic stay halts these types of actions while the bankruptcy process plays out. There are different types of bankruptcy filings, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, but both feature the same automatic stay.

Stopping your creditors from seizing your funds in this way means you can stop fighting that uphill battle and focus on moving forward financially. The knowledgeable bankruptcy professionals at the Law Office of Gordon Mosley are ready to answer any questions you have and, if you think the time is right, to make that move with you.