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Filing for bankruptcy in Texas can stop creditor harassment

| Oct 5, 2017 | Creditors' Rights |

Sometimes a person in Texas has no choice but to go into debt. Company-wide layoffs, a serious illness or an unexpected and costly home repair or car repair could all put a person in a difficult financial situation. Sometimes a person is forced to make tough choices. Should they pay the car bill this month if it means they wouldn’t be able to buy groceries? Should they use a credit card to pay the electric bill? These are difficult decisions to make and, unfortunately, the debts associated with having to make such choices can spiral down to the point where not only can a person not catch up on their debts, but they can’t even afford their basic living expenses.

The stress of having so much debt is ratcheted up once the calls from debt collectors start rolling in. Debt collectors can be absolutely relentless. It may seem like they will use any means to collect on their debt. However, per law they cannot harass the debtor. If a person finds themselves the victim of creditor harassment they do have options to address the situation.

For example, a person who is experiencing creditor harassment can file for bankruptcy. Not only can filing for bankruptcy be a good way for a person who has unmanageable debt to gain control of their financial situation, but once the filing is made the court will issue an automatic stay. The automatic stay prevents debt collectors from contacting the debtor to try to collect on the debts. The automatic stay also puts a stop to any lawsuits brought by creditors. Filing for bankruptcy also means that one’s bank accounts can no longer be seized, and it can also stop the repossession process.

As this shows, oftentimes debtors can find great relief through the bankruptcy process. At our firm, we understand that those who are burdened with debts that they simply can’t cope with are often overwhelmed by their financial situation. We aim to help people deal with their debts in an appropriate manner, and we can help with bankruptcy filings if that is what our client chooses to do. Our firm’s website may be of use to those who want more information on how filing for bankruptcy can help those facing creditor harassment.