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| Aug 11, 2017 | Chapter 11 |

Dealing with financial problems is never easy for Texas businesses. While some debt problems can be overcome with some simple budgeting and saving strategies, major debt problems often require more aggressive steps. While just hearing the term bankruptcy is likely to induce concerns and fears, this process can actually provide real and rational solutions for businesses dealing with too much debt.

At the Law Office of Gordon Mosley, we understand that it is never easy for a business owner to decide to file for bankruptcy. Nonetheless, many businesses file for this form of debt relief because it does provide the ability to eliminate debt and even keep a business afloat. Thus, we are dedicated to helping Texas business owners understand their options and how best to approach the bankruptcy process.

With over 20 years of experience, our law firm has helped initiate and complete countless Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings. We provide individualized attention to all of our clients, ensuring that all concerns and goals are understood and met throughout the process. Whether you have a family owned business, a LLC, partnership, sole proprietorship, a closely held business or any other type of small business, our legal team is dedicated to helping you understand your situation and what bankruptcy could do for you.

If a business owner is seeking a fresh financial start, filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 might be the best option. However, this is not a possibility for those businesses that are incorporated. For these businesses, filing for Chapter 11 is their best option, helping them reorganize the corporation.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s Chapter 11 website. Dealing with debt is never an easy tome for a business; however, it is important to not wait until debt becomes uncontrollable. No matter your debt issue, it is important to consider the solution available to you and your business.