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| May 12, 2017 | Uncategorized |

If you’ve read previous posts on this blog, you know how big of a problem credit card debt can be for Texans. In fact, we recently discussed a study that found that the average debt held by a credit card holder with revolving debt is about $10,000. With outrageous interest rates imposed on these balances by aggressive credit card companies, many individuals with this type of debt can quickly become overwhelmed and see their debt spin out of control. A situation like this can threaten an individual’s home, car, and even his or her ability to put food on the table and pay for other everyday expenses.

So what options do these indebted individuals have? One of their best options is to consider may be personal bankruptcy. By doing so, these individuals may be able to free themselves of burdensome debt and obtain the fresh financial start they deserve. Then, they can focus on rebuilding their lives and achieving their dreams.

Bankruptcy is a legal process, though, and one that requires careful attention to detail. This is why the Law Office of Gordon Mosley works with Texans to identify the best bankruptcy option for their particular situation, and to develop legal arguments to support their claims. We know the common pitfalls that leave bankruptcy claims denied and diligently work to avoid them. Additionally, we are well-versed at attempts that creditors make to try to deny bankruptcy discharge.

What does all of this mean? It means that an experienced, skilled law firm like ours aggressively represents its clients with an eye on the big picture, yet with an attention to detail. We want our clients to feel comfortable with the bankruptcy process and view it as a real opportunity to brighten their future. Those who want to learn more about bankruptcy and the track record of success our firm possesses can visit the various pages on our website.