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May 2017 Archives

Financial stress and divorce: One often leads to the other

If Texas residents who end their marriages in court were to name the key factors that led to their break-ups, answers would undoubtedly vary. However, there does seem to be a common denominator in many divorces. Lots of people say their martial declines began right around the same times they suffered financial problems, as if the two things went hand-in-hand. Others say their financial struggles arose during divorce proceedings or after the court issued decrees.

Are your financial problems keeping you up at night?

Many people in Texas face financial challenges in a troubled economy. Recent years have taken a tremendous fiscal toll upon thousands across the country. Are you one of them? Perhaps, like others, you took a hit at work with a decrease in salary, lost bonus or incentive pay that was a large part of your income. If so, you're not alone. In fact, many people have had to seek additional part-time employment just to pay their bills and put food on their tables.

What are creditors' rights with debtors' location information?

When confronted with overwhelming consumer debt, Texans might be under the impression that the creditors have a right to do whatever they feel is necessary to try and collect that debt. It is this that leads to intense fear and consternation as they try to figure a way out of what they are facing. However, there are certain instances in which the creditor will use certain tactics that are against the law. Debtors are accorded various protections and they must be aware of them. One issue that should be understood is the acquisition of location information from another party.

Linda McMahon, example of the power of bankruptcy

Texans who are struggling with their finances may have trouble seeing a bright future. After all, creditor harassment, foreclosure, and repossession, in addition to the possibility of wage garnishment, can leave an individual totally overwhelmed and not knowing how he or she is going to make ends meet. Although individuals in this situation may be well-aware of the bankruptcy process, they may find themselves concerned that pursuing bankruptcy will permanently scar their financial record, preventing them from securing the financial freedom that they ultimately want.

When can a Chapter 7 discharge be revoked?

Debt problems seem like they can spiral out of control in the blink of an eye. One day you seem to have everything under control, making your payments on time and consistently paying off your debts. Then something unexpected happens on the next day and you are left totally overwhelmed. You're unable to make your minimum payments and you're slapped with excessive penalties and interest fees that leave you scrambling to make ends meet. As stressful as this can be, you should take comfort in knowing that you have debt relief options.

Can I discharge all my debts through bankruptcy?

Any Texas resident can experience financial difficulties. Often times, people use credit cards and other unsecured lines of credit to make ends meet or to maintain a certain level of living. While using unsecured credit may be necessary during certain situations, using it as long-term solution to your financial problems and not paying off the balance on credit cards each month can cause even more financial woes.

Texas-based medical provider files for Chapter 11

No industry is immune from financial difficulties. Although the news often reports on businesses such as retail stores and restaurants filing for bankruptcy, the truth of the matter is that even fields like the healthcare industry can run into money woes, forcing medical businesses and even hospitals to take legal action to protect themselves.

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