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March 2017 Archives

Being crushed by debt? Our bankruptcy firm may be able to help

Nowadays it seems like everyone is out to make a quick buck. Unfortunately for Texans, this often means that they are unfairly taken advantage of by aggressive business practices. When these individuals struggle to make payments on their debts, creditors might harass them in an attempt to recoup what is owed. For many, the fight to climb out of debt and maintain their life can lead to a cycle of more debt and more hardship. Payday loans may be taken out, predatory car loans sought out, and credit card debt accumulated.

Drowning in medical debt? There is another option.

If you had surgery, needed medical care after an accident or just recovered from a serious illness, you are likely facing serious medical bills. Even with insurance, the cost of medical care is exorbitantly high, and the accumulation of your bills could quickly outpace your ability to pay.

Drowning in medical debt? There is another option.

If you had surgery, needed medical care after an accident or just recovered from a serious illness, you are likely facing serious medical bills. Even with insurance, the cost of medical care is exorbitantly high, and the accumulation of your bills could quickly outpace your ability to pay.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy for the small business

Taking the plunge into starting a small business is a brave move. These men and women oftentimes face financial uncertainty as they try to grow their business. Some small business owners are able to fight through the difficulties of the first few years and find longevity. Others, though, find themselves trapped by growing debt and ever aggressive creditors. Although many small business owners want to keep fighting to both save their business and climb out of debt, the reality is that many would benefit from seeking some type of debt relief.

Texans: beware of predatory car loans

Financial uncertainty can hit anyone at just about any time. The sudden loss of a job, unexpected medical expenses and divorce can all lead to monetary hardship. But there are ways that Texans can be taken advantage of, which can cause them to be more susceptible to overwhelming debt burdens.

Why would one want to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

If you are facing overwhelming debt, then you're likely looking for debt relief. There may be many options available to Texans, including Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, but figuring out which is the right fit can prove confusing. Depending on your circumstances, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be in your best interests, particularly if you're interested in keeping your assets. This post will examine the advantages of filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Gander Mountain filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Starting and successfully running a business can be challenging for a variety of reasons. Securing capital, managing supply chains, and maintaining successful employees can all be difficult. With adequate planning, many of these matters can be addressed. Yet, no matter how much a business plans for its future, there are always unexpected issues that arise. Increased competition, breached contracts and a changing market can all lead to unfavorable changes for a business. When this happens, a business needs to carefully consider its options with regard to its financial future.

Creditors' right to file involuntary bankruptcy

It doesn't take a genius to recognize that debt can create stress. While some debts are necessary and can be handled with ease, some Texans find themselves facing insurmountable debt. The reasons can vary greatly, from unexpected medical expenses, a lost job or if an individual suddenly has to care for an aging relative. Regardless of the reasons, when overwhelming debt takes hold, Texans can find their financial well-being crushed, and they may despair for their financial future.

Texas firm advocating for those seeking Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Debt makes up a significant part of our economy. Individuals in Texas may struggle when they suddenly lose their job, or they may incur substantial medical expenses with the onset of an unexpected medical condition. Regardless of the reason for such financial hardship, those who are subjected to it can find themselves overwhelmed, stressed on a daily basis and fearful for their future. Although these emotions are understandable, those facing seemingly insurmountable debt may be able to obtain debt relief.

The Chapter 11 bankruptcy creditors' committee

Filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy can be a great way to obtain a fresh financial start. Businesses in Tyler may be able to reorganize their debt, establish a payment plan and eliminate debt over a given period of time, giving them the financial freedom they need to reclaim their independence.

When can a discharge be denied in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a common strategy for Texans who are overwhelmed by consumer debt and would like to move on with debt relief. However, it is not automatic that the discharge will be given. There are laws when filing for Chapter 7 and, if there is a violation, the discharge can be denied. Understanding the criteria for this denial is imperative before filing so the person can take steps to either avoid denial of discharge or find another way to get out of debt.

Important points to remember about debt relief companies

Texas residents who run into financial trouble will undoubtedly stop and consider the services offered by companies that promote themselves as being skilled with debt relief. There are a litany of these businesses and they use heavy advertising tactics, making promises that are difficult to believe to be true. These companies say they can help with the debt through renegotiation, settlement or by altering the terms of the agreement between debtor and creditor. Understanding how debt relief or debt settlement companies function is important before taking this step over personal bankruptcy.

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