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What is validation of debt under the Fair Debt Collection Act?

Texans who are in debt have a great deal on their minds without having to confront the reality that their creditors are going to begin harassing them with underhanded tactics. This is what the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is in place to try to stop. However, while it might be easy to find out what strategies creditors and debt collectors might undertake, there are also understated issues that debtors should know about.

Tex-Mex restaurant chain files for Chapter 11 in Texas

Texans are known for their independence and determination and that goes beyond personal endeavors and all the way into business dealings. Unfortunately, even those who have the best ideas or the most well-crafted plans might run into financial problems when they are trying to run a business, and their bills might rack up too fast to keep up with them. When creditors are in pursuit of payment and the income is not where it needs to be to maintain a balanced budget, a business bankruptcy might be necessary to get back on track. Regardless of the type of business it is, this is an option that business owners should consider.

What happens at the Chapter 13 meeting of creditors?

There are many different parts of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing that Texans need to be aware of prior to moving on with the process. One that might give many people a significant amount of consternation is the meeting of creditors. This might be viewed as a confrontational situation, and those filing for Chapter 13 might think of it as a stress-filled struggle like a courtroom drama. The reality is that it is not like that.

Texas-based golf equipment supplier pursues Chapter 11

For Texans, it takes a great deal of self-confidence and faith to start a business. There are numerous potential hazards when trying to make a product or service successful and there are instances when even the best idea for the most popular activity has certain issues that make a financial restructuring necessary. Although the news will frequently focus on a large company moving forward with a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, a business bankruptcy under Chapter 11 is a useful tactic for businesses small, medium and large. Understanding how to go about it is one of the key factors to success.

Payday loans, financial ruin and struggling consumers: FAQs

Misfortune can strike anyone, at any time. For some families, going down to one income can make it difficult to make the rent payment or buy groceries. For others, a sudden natural disaster can result in a struggle to make ends meet. Whatever the reason behind sudden financial distress, these scenarios can cause people to turn to payday loans to help solve an immediate financial problem.

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