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July 2016 Archives

What is validation of debts under the Fair Debt Collection Act?

Debtors in Texas and across the U.S. need to be fully aware of the rights and protections they are accorded under the law when it comes to creditors seeking payment. With the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, consumers are given various rights that they might not know about. This is a natural reaction to being heavily in debt and worried about a variety of other issues, but it does not diminish the need to have a grasp of these rights. One factor that must be remembered is the validation of debts and what it entails.

Former basketball star faces Chapter 7 bankruptcy

In Texas and throughout the U.S., it is not unusual for people from a variety of walks of life to face financial challenges and confront the need to decide how to deal with it. One option that can be beneficial is Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The details of filing for Chapter 7 can sometimes be confusing as to whether it is the individual filing or a demand on the part of creditors that the filing be made. Regardless of the circumstances, a key to an effective Chapter 7 filing is to understand how the law works and whether it is the best possible option for the individual.

Three things you should know about student loans and bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is designed to help those who are struggling financially to get a fresh start. The process offers relief from many forms of debt. Some debts are forgiven almost immediately, while others require additional steps. Student loans are one example.

Debtor protections from false and misleading collection practices

Although debtors are accorded various protections against false or misleading representations as to what creditors are allowed to do to collect on a debt, that does not mean that debt collectors will adhere to the law in the spirit with which it was intended. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is designed to stop creditors from indulging in abusive and dishonest behaviors, but they still might try to circumnavigate that law to confuse and scare the debtor into paying when they really do not have to as they move on with a bankruptcy proceeding.

Texas-based entertainment company files for Chapter 11

The fear and trepidation that people in Texas who are running a business and having financial issues feel is often compounded with the stigma that they believe surrounds filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Gathering the information that is important when considering a reorganization under Chapter 11 can help assuage concerns and make an informed decision that a business owner needs to move forward with better financial certainty with the business still operating. It can even help with selling the business and move on completely.

Can I get a new car after filing for bankruptcy?

One of the main reasons that people in Texas often choose to avoid filing for bankruptcy even if it is their best logical decision to get out of debt is due to the fear that they will never again be able to regain credit and make necessary purchases. One such purchase is if they need to buy a new car. Understanding the different types of bankruptcy options such as Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, as well as how it affects a person's financial standing are important when moving forward after the moves to eliminate debt have been completed. This is key when seeking to make a relatively large purchase such as a car.

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