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June 2016 Archives

Understanding unsecured debts during Chapter 13

Debtors in Texas who are dealing with financial issues and are thinking about whether or not bankruptcy is the right option for them need to know about the different types of bankruptcies and what they require. For a person who is working or owns a business and would like to reduce debt but still pay back the majority of what they owe under different terms, filing for Chapter 13 might be their preferred choice.

Two lessons from a comedian's move to pay off millions in debt

It started as a comedic expose. John Oliver, the current late night host of Last Week Tonight, is known for his exposes. The talented comic has a reputation for providing a humorous spin to the shadier sides of society.

Texas energy service provider files for Chapter 11

For businesses in Texas, there are inevitable financial pitfalls that will come up. Whether it is industry-wide, global or based on factors that could not have been foreseen, it is often unavoidable to have to come up with various ways to deal with them. For some financial issues, a tactic that many businesses will use is a business bankruptcy through Chapter 11. Understanding the process and how it can be beneficial is key before making the decision that filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy is the right step.

What debtor protections are there to prevent unfair practices?

When a Texan owes money to creditors, the worry can be overwhelming. Part of that might be a trace of guilt for accruing debt and not having the wherewithal to pay it. In some instances, that guilt might lead to the person taking abusive behavior from creditors because he or she feels it is warranted. But, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act protects consumers from abusive creditor behavior. Understanding unfair debt collection practices is important to protecting oneself from these tactics that a creditor might use.

Understanding what leads to filing for bankruptcy

For those in Texas who have medical expenses, mounting credit card debt or other bills they are unable to pay, the fear and concern can be overwhelming. They might believe they have nowhere to turn and nothing they can do to get themselves out of their situation. However, it is important to know that the bankruptcy laws are in place just so those who are having financial problems can have a way out and get into a better position to move on with their lives. Financial woes do not discriminate and they can happen to anyone. For most people it is not a sign of irresponsibility to consider filing for bankruptcy.

Can a Chapter 13 plan be modified after confirmation?

People in Texas who file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy might not be aware that the Chapter 13 plan can be modified after confirmation of the plan, but before completion of the payments. This can be requested by the debtor, the trustee or the holder of an unsecured claim.

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