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March 2016 Archives

Energy company seeks debt reorganization via Chapter 11

While the last thing a Texas business and its owners have in mind when they start and run the company is struggling to the degree that they need to consider Chapter 11 bankruptcy, it is often a useful method to get the company into a better position to succeed in the future. Regardless of the type of business it I --, large, medium-sized or small -- reorganization under Chapter 11 is an option to keep the business going and deal with debt in a way that is manageable and time-tested.

What must be done to make a Chapter 13 plan work?

With a filing of Chapter 13, Texas residents need to make certain that they focus on what is important to make the plan successful. This type of filing is referred to as a "wage earner's plan." It allows those who have a regular stream of income to formulate a plan to pay back all or some of the debts they have accumulated. Installment payments will be made so the debts can be wiped out within three to five years. The amount of income the debtor earns will dictate whether it is a three or five year plan.

Married couples and filing for bankruptcy

An area of confusion for married Tyler residents who are considering filing for bankruptcy is how the bankruptcy might affect their spouse. Often, financial challenges and unexpected life changes can engulf a marriage and affect both spouses. However, there might be certain properties and assets that were kept separate during the marriage. Knowing how this influences a bankruptcy is key before going forward.

Lack of money spurs Chapter 11 for toll road operator in Texas

There are certain aspects of everyday life that are simply part of the landscape. These are always there and therefore taken for granted as being unassailable institutions without common business concerns. Municipalities and contractors for municipalities might be viewed as businesses that should not run into financial trouble, but in Texas and across the country more and more of these entities are having issues that lead to a business bankruptcy and reorganization under Chapter 11. Both the private and public sector need to be aware of how filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy might be beneficial.

What does FDCPA say about communication regarding collection?

People in Tyler who find themselves in debt will have a lot to be concerned about. This problem could have arisen due to a loss of employment, unexpected bills and numerous other factors. With the amount of stress that accrues due to consumer debt, it can be exacerbated if the creditors and debt collectors begin an avid pursuit of payment and use a variety of unethical and even illegal tactics to harass the debtor. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is supposed to prevent this from happening, but it often still occurs. One aspect the FDCPA covers is communication in connection with debt collection.

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