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November 2015 Archives

How does filing for Chapter 7 liquidation affect taxes?

For businesses and individuals in Texas, it is not unusual to face financial problems making it necessary to consider bankruptcy. In some instances, the economy factors in and leads to struggling with debt. In these cases, filing for Chapter 7 may be necessary to get back on better financial ground. If a business files for Chapter 7 for businesses, a liquidation will be part of the process. There are many factors that must be remembered when using Chapter 7 including how it affects tax payments.

Offshore energy company is allowed to file for complex Chapter 11

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a method that many will use to try and get back into a better financial situation. For individuals and for businesses, it is a strategy for debt relief and to address other issues. This can be beneficial provided it is handled correctly. When filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, having legal help can make all the difference between a filing being allowed to go forward to achieve the desired ends and one that does not. This is especially important in a business bankruptcy.

Legal help with foreclosed homes in Texas

Texans who are facing significant consumer debt often find themselves confronted with the reality of foreclosed homes. This can be a difficult time for those whose debts have grown so large that they are not able to meet their payment obligations. There can be many reasons for this -- a failed business, medical expenses, unexpected job loss and more. Regardless of how it happened, it is important that those who are dealing with this understand their rights can be protected under the law.

What basic information is required when filing for Chapter 13?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is an option for people in Texas who are having financial issues. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a method to deal with foreclosure issues, stop creditor harassment and improve financial standing. With that, it is imperative to understand the basics of the filing and what information must be provided to properly complete it. A debtor is required to provide all the correct information and follow other rules.

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