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September 2015 Archives

Understanding Chapter 7 bankruptcy and eligibility requirements

Financial challenges are not an unusual issue in Tyler and throughout Texas. Many people might not be aware that there are numerous options they have to try and overcome their problems and get back on solid ground. One is Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Before pursuing this course of action, it's important to understand various aspects of Chapter 7, such as what it accomplishes and who is able to file for it.

Oil and gas company files for reorganization under Chapter 11

Businesses in Texas and across the country who are facing financial problems can be of various sizes, shareholders and numbers of employees. They can range from massive, to mid-sized to small. For all of these businesses, an option to achieve a better financial position is Chapter 11 bankruptcy. For these businesses, a reorganization under Chapter 11 is not a sign that they are giving up on their hopes to build and maintain their business. It simply means that they are using the Chapter 11 bankruptcy laws to deal with debt and other issues.

Filing for bankruptcy and when discharge occurs

At times throughout the past decade or so, the struggling economy in Tyler, and across the country, has meant that many people needed to seek various methods of debt relief. Although Texas's economy has done well recently, many people still find themselves in a troublesome financial situation. While filing for bankruptcy is always an option regardless of their personal circumstances, there are certain issues that many people do not fully understand when they make the decision to eliminate debt via bankruptcy. For example, many might not know what a discharge is and when it is completed.

Filing for Chapter 11 may help gun manufacturer move forward

Companies large and small in Texas can run into financial difficulties making it necessary to consider their options. For some, the idea of giving up is simply not in their makeup and they seek other solutions. Some people might think of the idea of Chapter 11 as simply a means of shirking one's duties to pay the bills. However, people who understand the process knows that it is in reality a tactic of debt reorganization by a business owner to get back on stronger ground and move the business forward.

Can creditors avail court-based remedies for debt collection?

Many Texas residents may be aware that federal and state laws govern the practices that creditors and debt collectors can engage in if they want to recover from debt. One of those laws, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), which protects debtors, was discussed in an earlier blog post. However, in addition to protecting debtors, there are laws in the United States that allow creditors to seek what is rightfully theirs. Therefore, they are allowed to take certain actions to recover outstanding debt.

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