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Guidance is necessary when filing for personal bankruptcy

On Behalf of | May 6, 2015 | Personal Bankruptcy |

Attorney Gordon Mosley has worked on personal bankruptcy cases for decades. For Texas residents who wish to file for personal bankruptcy, it is not only a financial and legal challenge but can also be personally and socially stigmatizing. A person may be compelled to file for personal bankruptcy due to the various debts that he or she has incurred for a variety of reasons, such as student loans, a mortgage or a car loan.

In some cases, the debtor might have anticipated bankruptcy because of the many months or even years that the debtor was struggling financially. On the other hand, some debtors might have been caught by surprise by a sudden change in life circumstances. This can cause the person to rack up big credit card and other debts that are difficult to pay off.

For over two decades, attorney Gordon Mosley has represented many clients who were caught by surprise by their difficult financial situation. Such cases often include circumstances where the debtor has incurred a major financial loss due to being fired or suffering an economic loss in their business. In other cases, the debtor might have suffered a long illness, physical impairment or disability, which has left the person unable to get a job and, thus, unable to earn an income.

In many cases, debtors seek the help of an attorney with knowledge in that particular area of the law in order to understand the complicated legal process during such bankruptcy proceedings. Furthermore, professional help often allows the debtor to negotiate a fair settlement with the credit company.

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