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Death, medical debt leave family in Rowlett struggling

| Jul 16, 2014 | Personal Bankruptcy |

A serious illness in the family can be a devastating experience for everyone involved. While the person with the illness has to undergo necessary medical procedures and sometimes rehabilitation, the rest of the family tries to provide as much support as possible. Often, the family also has to ensure that the medical expenses are met, and this can leave several family members struggling with medical debt.

For a family based in Rowlett, Texas, a tragic story unfolded when they discovered that one of their three daughters suffers from a rare form of bone cancer. The treatment and subsequent rehabilitation was a serious drain on the family’s finances, forcing the father to maintain two careers and to take money out of a life-insurance policy to help pay off the debts. And now the father’s untimely death has put the family in an even direr situation. To help the family, a new fund has been created in the father’s memory.

This sort of situation is not unique, and Tyler, Texas, residents may know a family facing a similar situation. The high cost of medical procedures can leave patients and family members on the verge of bankruptcy. While many have some form of health insurance, they don’t cover all costs, leaving the burden of repaying the remaining costs on the patient. Such scenarios can cause much pain and suffering.

Families facing severe debt can opt to legally file for bankruptcy. Although such an action might be a scary and intimidating thought, it is one available remedy, and is worthy of consideration. In many cases, bankruptcy can provide a family with the fresh financial start that they need to build a better future.

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